Agri-food Competence Center for the Meat sector


TECMEAT is a non-profit association that aims to increase the competitiveness and innovation of meat producing and processing companies through scientific and technological developments, providing in an integrated and sustainable way the increase of exportation and added value to products. Additionally, TECMEAT is focus on the transference of scientific and technological knowledge to the meat sector as well as participating in networks and other forms of partnerships and cooperation to increase the business investment in innovative activities.


Where we add more value
Advanced lab tests and product quality control
R&D + Innovation oriented to the development of new products and services
Training in laboratory and business environment
Technology transference through demonstration actions
Networking and cooperation at national and international level


Some tasks that characterize us
  • To experiment new production techniques and systems or products that can influence the characteristics of the meat and are valued by the industry or the consumer
  • To develop new methods to optimize processes in the meat industry
  • To develop innovative technologies for processing, packaging and preserving products
  • To develop and characterize new products
  • To transfer knowledge and innovation through the organization of training actions with potential partners in production and industry
  • To promote the study of recent technologies and process innovation
  • To foster technology transfer by demonstration actions
  • To participate in the standardization and certification of companies and products
  • To enhance marketing channels in the food chain
  • To identify potential partners who are dedicated to the different meat areas processing
  • To promote national brands in foreign markets
  • To support companies in the internationalization processes


We can help
Offering advanced testing, analysis and other services to companies to answer to innovation requirements or technological and quality audits in different areas from the existing market offer
Implementing technological and quality audits to identify implicit innovation needs and support training of medium and long-term innovation strategies
Hosting, coordinate and monitoring of pilot product development projects in a pre-competitive research environment
Identification of innovation requirements generated by internationalization processes, especially in markets characterized by new demands and certification requirements
Follow-up of social and consumption trends with potential impact on meat consumption and production and its translation into prospects for innovation
Design and developing training programs and degrees (intermediate, higher and advanced) to be carried out with immersion in a business and factory environment, extending the collaborative dynamics for mobilization of human resources and new skills
Operationalization of cooperation pipelines focused on the Meat sector with the resources and activities of national and international networks
Design, organization and implementation of good practices convertible into demonstration actions for the sector


The means to work 

Microbiology Laboratory

TECMEAT microbiology laboratory is an analysis and research laboratory, oriented towards quality and safety, allowing for tests and trials, as well as the control of the finished product based on manufacturing standards and existing legislation.

Laboratory equipment’s allows physical-chemical and microbiological characterizations of food products (in particular meat) with equipment like a drying oven, horizontal autoclave, laminar flow chamber with UV, incubators, phase contrast microscope, precision and analytic balances, ceramic heating plate or a chemical hotte.

The types of laboratory tests available include the analysis of protein, fat and moisture or microorganisms such as salmonella, listeria, monocytogenes and e.coli. The production of meat products requires the control of some variables, which can endanger the safety and quality of these products. In this sense, it is essential to control physical and chemical factors such as water activity, acidity, humidity, microbiological factors and the production process itself (practices and procedures adopted).

Pilot Unit

TECMEAT pilot unit, of 500 square meters, allows testing and developing processes with safe and quality industrialization of products. In all production orders for tests or trials, the finished product is checked based on manufacturing regular standards and legislation. It is an infrastructure that simulates an entire meat processing production unit, carrying out tests and trials, product control and training of technicians. This unit consists of:

  • Carcass reception room (bovine, swine and poultry)
  • Cutting room
  • Processing and manufacturing room (with a kitchen)
  • Smoking room and greenhouses
  • Cold storage chambers (bovine, swine, poultry, hams and sausages)
  • Consolidation chamber
  • Maturation chamber

Training Room

TECMEAT has a training room for classes with the necessary equipment and furniture for the reception up to 15 trainees.

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